Transform Your Diving Career: PADI IDC with Award-Winning Holly Macleod on the Gili Islands


Are you ready to take your diving career to the next level? Look no further than the PADI idc with the award-winning Holly Macleod on the stunning Gili Islands. With Holly’s expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence, you can trust that you’ll receive top-notch training that will transform your diving career.

What is PADI IDC?

PADI IDC, or Instructor Development Course, is the next step for certified divers looking to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. This comprehensive course combines classroom learning with hands-on training to prepare divers for the challenges of teaching others how to dive safely and responsibly.

Why Choose Holly Macleod?

Holly Macleod is a highly acclaimed PADI Course Director with years of experience in the diving industry. Her passion for teaching and dedication to her students’ success set her apart as a leader in the field. With Holly as your mentor, you can trust that you’re learning from the best in the business.

What to Expect from Holly’s IDC Course

When you sign up for Holly’s IDC course on the Gili Islands, you can expect a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of dive instruction. From classroom sessions on dive theory to practical lessons in the water, Holly will ensure that you have the knowledge and skills you need to excel as a diving instructor.

The Benefits of Completing PADI IDC

Completing the PADI IDC with Holly Macleod opens up a world of opportunities for your diving career. As a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you’ll be qualified to teach others how to dive, leading students on exciting underwater adventures and sharing your love of the ocean with others.

What Sets Holly’s IDC Course Apart

Holly’s IDC course stands out for its personalized approach to training. With small class sizes and individualized attention, you’ll receive the support and guidance you need to succeed. Holly’s years of experience and industry connections mean that you’ll be well-equipped to launch a successful career as a diving instructor after completing the course.

Frequently Asked Questions about PADI IDC with Holly Macleod

  • What is the cost of the IDC course?
    • The cost of the IDC course varies depending on the location and duration of the program. Contact Holly Macleod directly for more information on pricing.
  • How long does it take to complete the IDC course?
    • The IDC course typically takes around 10 days to complete, including classroom sessions, pool training, and open water dives.
  • Is accommodation provided during the course?
    • Accommodation options are available for students taking the IDC course with Holly Macleod. Contact her for more information on housing options.
  • What certification will I receive after completing the IDC course?
    • Upon successful completion of the IDC course, you will receive your PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification, enabling you to teach diving anywhere in the world.


If you’re ready to take your diving career to new heights, consider enrolling in the PADI IDC course with Holly Macleod on the Gili Islands. With her expertise, experience, and commitment to excellence, you can trust that you’ll receive the training you need to become a successful diving instructor. Don’t wait – transform your diving career today with Holly Macleod!

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